Promotion to support the launch of new coffee blends
As Au Bon Pain rolled out new and improved coffee roasts, the brand needed a way to communicate the news to its guests and get them to try try it.
The brand had lots of opportunity to tell the brand story by using its own-able spaces on packaging that stayed with customers once they left the store. And yet, these were not being utilized at all.
I developed a campaign and messaging which was communicated through coffee sleeves, social media, collateral, email, retail signage, and shirts for retail employees. Additionally, I created a social media campaign using a hashtag to tie all the pieces together with a simple contest asking fans to ell us what they thought of the new roasts for a chance to win prizes each week.
We effectively increased awareness about and trial of the new roasts with minimal media spend. The success of brand messaging on the coffee sleeves resulted in using the packaging space as an on-going messaging medium for the brand.
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