It's always time for a coke.
Coca-Cola asked my agency to pitch for a promotional project they were doing with Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
I came up with an idea called "Cornucopia Countdown" that played off the idea the clock from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arena. A time-based engagement, different activations unlock based on the time the user visited the site.
The site was going to piggyback on the "AHH" campaign, which was about many simple mobile engagements and games. Taking that platform and going farther with it meant developing a wide range of activations in a similar scope, including: the ability to sponsor someone by sending them a Coke, an instant win game, trivia, and a matching game. A visualization that carried through the parachute theme from the film would show each Coke that people sent to "sponsor" their friends.
The site components also tied into real-world in-theater activations with an augmented reality instant win and a Thirsty Games Booth where theater-goers could put themselves into a scene from the movie. Real-time trivia would play before the film and tie back to the trivia version on the mobile/desktop.
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