Dunkin' Donuts campaign for their Big N' Toasted breakfast sandwich.
Best bit of this project was getting the line "Vampire Zombie exit plan" approved by the client. 
All final Phrases and Translations:
PHRASE: Put some bacon on it
TRANSLATION: Derived from the fact that everything is better with bacon on it. Everything. Means to make something better and improve it so it’s a tasty success.
PHRASE: Boil the ocean
TRANSLATION: An impossible or complicated task. And, with 310 million cubic miles of ocean, that would be quite a task indeed. You’d need one heck of a match to get that fire going.
PHRASE: Supremium
TRANSLATION: An adjective combining “supreme” and “premium”. Used when something is even better than premium. Kind of like a Big N’ Toasted® Breakfast Sandwich.
PHRASE: Earworm Concept
TRANSLATION: An idea that gets stuck…like that tune you heard passing through the lobby and now is stuck in your head. Forever.
PHRASE: Grinding the pepper
TRANSLATION: Working hard, getting it done, and making the magic happen.
PHRASE: Decorate the slug
TRANSLATION: When you need to make something sound better than it is, because, as you know, slugs need all the help they can get.
PHRASE: Take a bite of the reality sandwich
TRANSLATION: Nothing’s more tasty than the reality sandwich, especially when it’s a Big N’ Toasted® Breakfast Sandwich. It’s the king of practical thinking.
PHRASE: Unzip the truth
TRANSLATION: Refers to getting down to the facts or reveal the reality from smoke and mirrors.
PHRASE: Circle the wagons
TRANSLATION: Surprisingly, has nothing to do with Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, but you’d probably rather it did. Comes from the Old West where covered wagon trains would form a circle for defense (yes, including the Chuck wagon), but now means to prepare for attack or defend against criticism.
PHRASE: Take it through airport security
TRANSLATION: Said when something needs to be approved by a large group of people who will poke, prod and test the validity of the idea.
PHRASE: Get your ducks in a row
TRANSLATION: Refers to getting organized. Best way to get started? Bite into a Big N’ Toasted® Breakfast Sandwich, my friend. The rest will come naturally.
PHRASE: Wrap it in a ball of light
TRANSLATION: Send it off as fast as you can, preferably at the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second). Yeah, that’s fast.
PHRASE: On top of the sheep
TRANSLATION: Knowing what the herd is doing. This can apply to management knowing what employees are doing or companies knowing what their competition is up to.
PHRASE: Under the moose
TRANSLATION: Said when you’re stuck in a tight or uncomfortable situation. If you’ve ever been stuck under a moose, you’ll understand.
PHRASE: Need a three-way mirror
TRANSLATION: Said when needing to see something from different angles. Hopefully, the lighting will be better than it usually is in department store fitting rooms.
PHRASE: Vampire Zombie exit plan
TRANSLATION: Another way to say, “worse case scenario planning”, but more dramatic and attention grabbing, ensuring people are paying attention.
PHRASE: Hit the ground running
TRANSLATION: It’s not a new exercise craze, so take off your running shoes. The phrase means to start the day with gusto, get off to a quick start or be ready to work immediately on a new task. So, start your day with a Big N’ Toasted® Breakfast Sandwich.
PHRASE: Purple Shark Fin
TRANSLATION: Including something obscure, like a purple shark fin, to draw attention to it and away from what people should really be looking at.
PHRASE: Parking lot that idea
TRANSLATION: Refers to putting a conversation aside with the hope to revisit it later.
PHRASE: Put it back in the oven
TRANSLATION: When something’s not ready for prime time, this phrase comes in handy. Let it finish baking and bring it back out, piping hot.
PHRASE: Paradigm shift
TRANSLATION: Use this when talking about a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory. But, if you really want to shift that paradigm, you’ve got to prep properly with a Big N’ Toasted® Breakfast Sandwich.
PHRASE: Ride the rollercoaster backwards
TRANSLATION: Going along with a plan but not knowing what is happening. You’re there for the ride, but every twist, turn and loop-de-loop is a surprise.
PHRASE: Texting your grandmother
TRANSLATION: Used to refer to something that’s probably not going to work out very well.
PHRASE: Try hitting doubles, not a homerun
TRANSLATION: A phrase to use when talking about making small wins to achieve the big win overall instead of going for the big win straight out.
PHRASE: Save a grain of sand
TRANSLATION: When focusing on the details, rather than the big picture. Like the deliciousness of a Big N’ Toasted® Breakfast Sandwich versus the individual ingredients.
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