Create awareness and trial of DD espresso beverages 
Not since Fred the Baker had Dunkin' considered the idea of using a character to promote its products. But, when Dunkin' wanted to create awareness about its espresso beverages, we came up with the idea to use a character to help extend the voice of the brand. 
Maurice is a coffee bean with attitude, sharing humorous, tongue-in-cheek, "sage" advice in the form of DD latte "pick-me-ups". 
He's a bean with attitude that dispenses humorous and sage advice in the form of DD latte "pick-me-ups" which lived in an interactive application on and the Dunkin' Donuts Facebook brand page--and as a fully portable widget users can post on social networks, blogs, and elsewhere on the Internet. 
He is an innovation for the brand using a character to promote a product line, rather than the brand as a whole.
I helped sell in the project, oversaw the creative team, developed creative concepts/ideas, worked with UX, wrote the scripts for what Maurice would say, and directed with the voice talent during production. 
The campaign was so successful, that the client tasked us with exploring how he worked at a larger scale with extensions into other mass media such as TV/video, OOH, and in-store.
SCRIPT: A carpenter is working outside on a crisp Fall day. He’s focusing on the work at hand.
Maurice (OS) (VO): I see you are working hard like the busy buzzing around to get the job done. And yet, each cut is made to perfection. Your work is mighty like the great Egyptian pyramids rising to the sky.
Camera pulls back to show Maurice next to carpenter.
Maurice: You deserve refreshment worthy of your great work and made to perfection every time. Not like some convenience store coffee goop sitting in a thermos for hours that has not been loved. No, you deserve the best...freshly ground, freshly brewed from the coffee experts. America’s #1 coffee. A Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee.
Cut to carpenter taking a break with cup of Hot Coffee in hand taking a sip.
Maurice (OS) (VO): Work it, my friend. Work It. 
SCRIPT: We see a man waking up and quickly going through his morning routine before he heads out to work. It’s still dark outside.
Maurice (OS) (VO): Greetings my friend. You are an early riser, no? Like that whole bird and worm thing. I see you there ready to greet the day.
We see the man pull up to a hospital and get out in his scrubs. He’s carrying a DD coffee.
Cut to man in hospital taking sip of his hot DD coffee. Maurice is in the foreground.
Maurice: Rising before the rays of light hit the earth deserve something great like you. Not some reheated goop in a pump-your-self scenario, sitting in the corner. No, you deserve the best. The hot steam from your perfectly made Dunkin ‘Donuts coffee is like a morning siren’s call. Its calls to me.
Maurice turns to look at the man, starting to work.
Maurice: No, you deserve the best from the coffee leaders. America’s #1 coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
Maurice: Keep on running my friend! 
SCRIPT: A woman rushes through a crowded commuter station trying to catch her train. She pushes through passengers and plops down into a seat. She slides up against the window, and stares straight ahead.
Maurice: The morning commute is not for the weary, my friend. Every day, like a mighty Mayan warrior you rise early for the challenge. You resist temptation to call in sick. You are consistent...and can be relied on to be there, strong and fix whatever problems lie ahead of you.
The Woman looks out the window and smiles.
Maurice: My sister of the cubical, you have a coffee in hand that will do you justice. One, that like you, can be relied upon to be ready, just the way you ordered it or they will fix it. Yes, America’s #1 coffee. A Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee!
She takes a sip of her DD coffee.
Maurice: I raise my coffee cup to you! 

Maurice The Talking Espresso Bean was awarded the following:
+ 2010 MITX Winner: Social Influence Applications for Dunkin' Donuts Facebook Brand Page
+ 2010 MITX Finalist: Branded Content
+ 2010 Hatch Awards: Social Media
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