How to create awareness and trial of Dunkin's bakery sandwich products to office workers
Dunkin's MA/NE franchise markets wanted our help to promote their bakery sandwich product line to increase traffic in the afternoon. 
We were given access to leverage Patriots' Rob Grokowski for the campaign. We developed "The Great DD Gronk Off" where fans were encouraged to submit their own version of "Gronking", doing Rob Gronkowski's signature move. 
I came up with the idea of creating a series of videos to extend the promotion and gain more traction with the "bored at work" audience who was sharing Dunkin's social content the most. Thinking about the audience and what would be most relevant to them, Gronk would provide "pep talks" specific to the people who were "bored at work" and took breaks by scrolling through social media and watching funny videos. Each week of the promotion, a new Gronk Pep Talk was posted. The themes covered a variety of topics that one could share with coworkers, including nailing your presentation and teamwork.
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